Just for fun: introduce your pets!

Working from home these past months probably means we’ve all got used to spending a lot more time with our pets, who may well have also been popping up on work video calls from time to time…(whether we want them to or not!)

So here’s a chance to give your pet the spotlight - an invitation to introduce them to the community at large by hitting reply to this post and telling everyone a bit more about them.

(Feel free to upload pictures, bonus points for anyone who has a photo of their pet in their office / work from home set up)

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This is Bonnie, our two and half year old Cocker Spaniel. Technically she is my eldest daughter’s dog but because I work from home she spends a lot of time with me. Enjoys flushing and chasing pheasants and bouncing up and down in tall crop fields. Very loving and gentle but quite the attention seeker, always in need of a hug.

Is this my working from home set up? Kind of, I walk with her to think, or just to take a step back and unplug.


Sadly I’m not allowed pets in my rental flat, which means sadly no furry friends to join my Teams calls, but I am an owner in spirit (i.e. without having to deal with the smelly bits) to my mum’s cat Bandit.

As you can see, she is mainly a fan of eating and sleeping. My mum often refers to her by her unofficial name of Flump, because she is shaped like one. She was a rescue cat so we’re unsure of her past, but we think she’s had kittens in the past as she has a fascinatingly wobbly belly.

In an effort to get her to do some more exercise than walking to the food bowl and back, I’ve just bought her something called a Cat Dancer, which is a wire with some little cardboard fronds on the end of it which apparently cats go wild for. Fingers crossed it encourages her to at least do some energetic paw-waving.


This is Masha, who if you are really keen to see more has her own Instagram page (how millennial!) from since she was a kitten. She can be grumpy but is generally very pleasant.

She has recently had kittens (unexpectedly!) who are now 6 weeks old. We have 4 who will be with us for a few more weeks, one will likely stay with her for company.


This is Flossie. She spends most of the time glaring reproachfully at her annoying human…


This is Rocco the Miniature Dachshund. He may be small but he has a huge personality! He loves nothing more than running along beaches or through fields, then curling up somewhere cosy (preferably on your knee or as close to you as possible) for a snooze.


A bit late to the party but may I introduce my dog Vito. A one year old resident of North London, his hobbies include (but are not limited to) walking on Hampstead Heath, destroying footwear, playing fetch again and again and again and again, and falling asleep on people.

Fresh from a nap:

In need of a groom:

Looking suspiciously innocent:

Tired ready for another nap:


This is Nala, she is my rescue girl who was locked in a wardrobe for a week before coming to live with us. She’s approximately 8 years old and has been with me since she was about 3. She loves cuddles, straws, ham, shoes and watching the birds. She hates, being dressed up and other cats coming anywhere near the house.

Looking Regal:

Looking less regal but surveying her land:

Sleeping on a lazy Sunday:

Sleeping inside a shoe:

Plotting Murder:


This is Luca and she’s been sitting on my head for most of this week. Alas, not strictly mine, but she’s been my work buddy these past few days while my boiler is broken and I’m working from a friend’s house.

As a long-time fan of this thread I’m delighted she has given me an excuse to post on it.

She’s been helping me write new Knowledge Base articles this morning so uh… excuse any typos.


she is the winner in my opinion!

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Oh I love this! A lot :grinning:

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This is Max - in his 2 natural states - either running around like a loon, or sleeping for 27 hours a day. He is a lurcher and howls along to police sirens regularly.


both things are of equal importance - Hello Max! :heartpulse: