Monthly Film Club 2022!

Hello everyone!!

I hope you’re all being treated kindly by 2022! Some of you may have seen the Monthly Book Club but perhaps reading isn’t so much your bag… Well perhaps this club is for you!

Similar to the Book Club, the Monthly Film Club will meet on the first working day of each month to discuss both of the films that @MattBeckett and myself have painstakingly picked for your enjoyment. Each month has a different theme (points to those of you who can guess them) but mainly this is just a really chilled out, easy way to make some friends and open your cinematic horizons!

You may also have seen some of the listed films and if you have, that is absolutely fine! You can choose to join in just with the discussion or use this as the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with some beloved characters/stories each month. All the films are readily available across platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Youtube either for free or for a very small cost so if you are struggling to locate any of them, do feel free to send Matt or I a message so we can assist.

The list of films is below for your perusal and we both look forward to chatting with you on Tuesday 1st February about our two January watches!

Month Film 1 Film 2 Rating
January The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Paddington 15 and PG
February Blue Valentine Before Sunrise 15 and 15
March Midnight Cowboy Kramer Vs Kramer 18 and PG
April Intersellar Thelma & Louise 12 and 15
May Late Spring Ferris Bueller U and 12A
June Fantastic Woman Call Me By Your Name 15 and 15
July Adventureland Palm Springs 15 and 15
August Life Is Beautiful (Roberto Benigni) Amores Perros (Alejandro González Iñárritu) PG and 18
September Booksmart Heathers 15 and 18
October It Follows Get Out 15 and 15
November Good Will Hunting Planes, Trains and Automobiles 15 and 15
December Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Gremlins 15 and 12A

A great choice for January. A devastating choice for August, brilliant film.


glad you like them John! :film_projector:

Love how interstellar and Thema and Louise are in the same month. Is they some sort of connection I’ve just never noticed??

Perhaps Chris, perhaps.

The main question is, can you figure it out?

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After thinking about it half the weekend, no, in a word!


What a list! Jan is great and I’m looking forward to Dec already!

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All will be revealed in due time…

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That looks interesting. Easier to watch a film than read a book!

Perhaps space for more non-Eng language films - though nice to see Before Sunrise - a real favourite and sort of European - and very romantic. Also very much like Amores Perres.

Perhaps there is room for a watch together night - there’s a proper phrase for that I know but I’ve forgotten it!

Back in 2020, mostly during my furlough period to keep me sane, I posted a video a day on Facebook for 100 days (and I shared the first 40 or so with TAA colleagues). They weren’t all films - there was also tv, music videos, arty stuff too. I won’t post them here - I’ll email my boring list to you Samira separately and then you can feel free to delete it. I really enjoyed posting them because it also made me think and state what my own personal favourites were. Perhaps it could be something for later in the year - top ten of peoples’ top tens?



Gremlins!!! Yes, me too :slight_smile:


Great list, I’m so excited to get started with this. Luckily I watched Paddington again (for about the fifth time) over Christmas so I’m ahead there, but I haven’t seen the Life Aquatic for years so I’m looking forward to rewatching!

Especially looking forward to October and the excuse to watch It Follows yet again :heart_eyes:


Seeing people’s top tens could be fun…


Life Aquatic! What a film. My personal favourite scene is the rescue op. The music, the costumes, the movement. Seu George’s hat! The dog running along with the crew. BRAVO.