My production lists are blank in the comparison insight, how does the profile of my audience compare between two productions?

Insight: How does the profile of my audiences compare between two of my productions?

If you are looking at this insight in Audience Finder Answers and the drop-down lists where you should choose productions are blank or have some productions missing from them, don’t worry, there is an easy, free way to make them appear.

The production list is linked to the productions that have been approved in Audience Finder Show Stats.

Please note: You do NOT need to “Activate” a production to analyse it in Audience Finder Answers. Activating a production within Show Stats is an enhanced feature, which, if it’s your first activation, will incur charge of £100 +VAT per year.

To approve productions in Audience Finder Show Stats, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Show Stats and enter your login details.
  2. If you do not have a Show Stats account, please look at this article.
  3. Click View & Request Productions from the top menu - this will list the productions you already have approved and/or activated.
  4. Click Search & Request New Productions (button is located at the bottom left-hand side of the production table).
  5. Use the drop-down menus to select the Financial Year, Organisation and Production you want to approve, and the list of performance dates/times will appear in the Available Performances box below.
  6. Click the red > to move a single performance, or the red >> to move across all Available Performances to the Selected Performances box.
  7. Click Confirm Request for Selected Performances.
  8. The performance you selected should now appear in the list of Productions.
  9. Repeat steps 3–7 until you have selected and confirmed all the productions/performances that you are interested in analysing within Audience Finder Answers.

If your organisation has its own ticketing system, all the productions/performances you have selected will be approved automatically within Audience Finder Show Stats and will be available to analyse in Audience Finder Answers the next day.

If your organisation is a touring company, and you use Audience Finder Show Stats to access data from third-party venues, then you will need to wait for the venue to grant your request to access the data. Once access to your productions has been approved by the venue within Show Stats, they will be available to analyse in Audience Finder Answers the next day.

Regardless of what type of organisation you are – venue, touring or both – please remember that you only need to get productions Approved to analyse them in Audience Finder Answers. You do NOT need to Activate them. Activations are a paid-for enhanced feature within Show Stats only.

Once you have your productions approved within Audience Finder Show Stats you can use this insight to its full potential.