New around here? Introduce yourself!

Hello, thanks for joining us.
Feel free to introduce yourself here…

Right, I should probably start shouldn’t I?

I’m Megan, I work at The Audience Agency and am one of the community admins, so you’ll see me around here a lot, I’m sure.

I’m curious about all things arts marketing and audience development, but am also a huge musical theatre fan and make a pretty awesome lemon drizzle cake (if I do say so myself).

Look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:

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I’m John. I’m a self-employed UX/CX type person. I’m an associate at the Audience Agency and am working on, well, this community, some service design and agile organisations.

Many years ago when I was much less grey and had more hair I was a chef in London. Which has proved a useful mental model when approaching service design and agile.

I now live near Startford-upon-Avon and have four children. Therefore, whilst I’d like to say I go to a lot of theatre my hobbies are actually cooking, driving and dispensing money.

Hi all! Ben here, Marketing Manager at The Met in Bury. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi!


Hi Ben. Welcome to the site. Nice to see you here.

Good day good people. I’m Nick, I’m the Marketing Officer at The Met.


Hi Nick! Thanks for joining us, hope all’s well at the Met :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community Nick!

Welcome Nick. Thanks for joining us.


I’m Kate Fitzgerald. Formerly Head of Visitor Insights at The Lowry (and Megan Tripp’s old work wife) I’m now a freelance data consultant specialising in insights, research and UK GDPR (my favourite topic, someone has to love it).

It’ll be great to keep up with what’s going on in the sector and stay in touch with everyone I’ve previously crossed paths with :slight_smile:


Hey! Lovely to see you here :slight_smile:

Hi Kate,
Thanks for coming along!

If I recall correctly, we met way back in 2019 to talk about data and the new version of Audience Finder.

Was a bit hasty in my reply there @Kate_Fitzgerald_Cons. As you are a freelancer here’s a little group we are creating that you may be interested in joining

Hi, I’m Louisa - I am part of the product development team as Scrum Master. I look forward to meeting many of you, our Audience Finder users, over the coming months with any questions, queries, and most of all any suggestions for improvements! Even better, drop me a line if you are interested in doing any 30 minute no-strings-attached usability testing sessions for our new tools, where you can take a look at what we already have as well as what we don’t (but you do need) :slight_smile:


Hello, hope you’re all okay.

I’m Laura from The Stoller Hall and Chetham’s (School & Library)

Looking forward to meeting you all soon and might see some of you virtually at the AMA conference today.



Hi Laura, thanks for your post - welcome to our new and growing community! Enjoy today’s AMA Conference, we’re hosting a booth there so feel free to pop in and say hi between sessions.