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What are the Audience Finder Data Tools?

Audience Finder is an insight service which helps cultural organisations understand their audiences and guide audience development activity.

You’ll use a survey and/or analysis via your ticketing system to start building up a picture of your audience.

Then you can explore the insights generated in the Audience Finder Data Tools:

Audience Finder Original - for all organisations. The essential way to begin understanding your audiences.
Audience Finder Answers - for all organisations. Our next-generation insight tool, designed to help you achieve your audience development goals.
Audience Finder Show Stats - for touring companies and ticketed venues who receive visiting productions

What do I need to do for my funders?

You may need to use the Audience Finder Data Tools as part of your annual reporting to funders.

Find out what the requirements are for:

Organisations funded by Arts Council England

Organisations funded by Creative Scotland

Organisations funded by the Arts Council of Wales

How do I get started?

First, create yourself a personal Audience Finder log in here.

Set up an Audience Finder survey
Find out how

Set up Audience Finder ticketing analysis
Find out how

If your organisation already uses the Audience Finder survey or ticketing analytics: ask a colleague who is already registered to give us permission to add you as an authorised user of your organisation’s data dashboard.
Find out how

Join one of our regular Onboarding sessions (online via Zoom) for a free guided tour of the Audience Finder Data Tools.
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How can I use the Audience Finder Data Tools in my everyday work?

The insights available in the Audience Finder Data Tools could help you:

  • Get to know your current audience: who they are and how they behave.
  • Get to know your local population and identify who you are not yet reaching.
  • Develop SMART audience development objectives.
  • Identify effective ways to engage your target audience.
  • Make an evidence-based case to stakeholders for support

Here are a few resources from our Knowledge Base to get you started:

For all organisations
Using Audience Finder data in audience development planning
How do I benchmark my audience data?
Make the most of the Mapping Tool
What free national data on cultural participation is available?

For touring organisations
What can I do next with my Audience Finder Show Stats production reports?

For museums and galleries
I’m a museum/gallery, what can I do next with my ticketing data?

For participatory arts organisations
I’m a participatory arts organisation, how can I best use Audience Finder?

We also offer free online In Practice sessions where we explore your audience data together and discuss how you could apply the available insights in your individual context.

How much do the Audience Finder Data Tools cost?

The Audience Finder data tools are free to use for any UK-based cultural organisation.

Setting up a survey is free, with some optional costed elements e.g. adding bespoke questions. Find out more

Ticketing analytics are free, with some optional costed elements e.g. splitting your data by performance space. Find out more