Onboarding for new Audience Finder users: Thu 21 July

Thu 21 July 2022
Free online event

If you’re new to the Audience Finder Data Tools, (or would just like a refresher), we’ll be running Onboarding Live session alongside our Community Forum Live events.

All are welcome at these hour-long, free online sessions, which will introduce the Audience Finder Data Tools and the services available to help you understand your audiences.

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Hello everyone, thank you all for coming today!
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Here are some resources which we hope will be useful.

A slide set introducing Audience Finder and the Audience Finder data tools
Onboarding Live slide deck July 22.pdf (2.5 MB)

Getting started
Registering as a user
Set up a survey
Set up ticket analysis

The Audience Finder Data Tools

What is Audience Finder Original?
What is Audience Finder Answers?
What is Audience Finder Show Stats?

Audience Spectrum

What is Audience Spectrum?
How can I start using Audience Spectrum in my everyday work?

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