Onboarding session for new users - Wed 22 Sept

Post-event notes

Thank you to everyone who attended this event. If you have a moment to fill in this post event feedback form we’d really appreciate it

Here are some resources to follow up the session - do feel free to ask any questions or comment by replying to this post.

Recording: AF onboarding recording 22 Sept - YouTube

Introduction to Audience Finder slides:
AF onboarding live slides.pdf (2.5 MB)

Register for an Audience Finder account

How do I register for an Audience Finder account?

Get started with an Audience Finder survey
How do I set up a survey?
Can I add questions to the core survey?
What methodologies can I choose for my survey?
Can I collect survey data using my own survey software?

Get started analysing your ticketing data

How do I contribute ticketing data to Audience Finder?

How can I look at my ticketed data by venue/performance space in my Audience Finder dashboard?

We offer free 1-to-1 or small group ‘In Practice’ sessions for you and your team, which are tailored to your own experience and organisation, and designed to help you familiarise yourself further with the tools available and get the most out of Audience Finder.

You can book one of these via the link below

In Practice sessions | The Audience Agency

Once again, thanks for coming yesterday, it was great to see you and we hope to speak to you again soon!

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