Private or public posts?

I’m wondering if there’s some way, looking at a post, to tell who has access to it?

The context is that I came to a post via the summary email, and started to reply, but then couldn’t work out whether it was a discussion between TAA staff or part of the public forum. I had to go to the main page and look at a couple of the groups before I could figure it out. Maybe I’m missing something but it seems as if this could lead to some issues if it’s not clearer.

In terms of who has access, everyone has access to all areas unless speaking in a closed group, like this one, where you need to be invited to join an admin. (a TAA staff member) They are a number of closed groups, for projects and Audience Finder groups currently which are invite-only.

Thanks, I do understand the basic concept. What I want to know is, if I’m looking at a particular post, how can I tell if it’s in a closed group or not?

Hi @SophiaWoodley you should see the category under the main title of any given post. If the category is private it will have a small lock icon next to it.

@johnoxtonking beat me to it!