Putting communities at the heart of audience development - Wed 1 June 2022

Wed 1 June 2022, 1.30 - 3pm
Free webinar

This session explores effective community engagement practice and how to integrate approaches within your audience development planning - by focusing on involving your target communities in the design and delivery of engagement activity.

This session will help de-mystify how and why community engagement can drive or enhance your audience development planning. We’ll roll things back so we can take a step-by-step approach to building an effective audience development plan with community engagement at its heart. We’ll cover the basics and introduce you to some of our favourite tools and resources that can broaden and deepen your community engagement. Expect to see practical examples and we’ll invite you to tell us about your own objectives and tips for bringing a plan into action. This session will not only help in putting your vision into action but also in communicating your strategy to your team or stakeholders.


This will be of particular interest to arts and culture professionals who are involved in building and strengthening relationships with communities. This will likely involve those in marketing, programming, community engagement/outreach or education roles or a combination of each. Any individual or organisation interested in building a strategy through co-creation which grows their reach into local communities or deepens engagement with a specific group will find this workshop an informative first port of call as they build their audience development plan.

What you will learn:

  • The key steps for integrating community engagement across your audience development plan.
  • How to ensure that your approach is evidence-led and clear to stakeholders
  • Examples of effective participatory and co-creation methodologies.
  • Signposting to resources to help you build your own community engagement toolkit.

@CarlyH Senior Consultant, Co creation & Participation
@LiamTAA Consultant, Digital Inclusion in Culture

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