Quick answers: Why do I have to collect 380 survey responses?

If you’re using the Audience Finder survey to help understand your audiences and visitors, then we suggest you aim for a minimum of 380 responses.


It’s the minimum number needed to give a 95% confidence level in your results – and therefore means you can assume that you now have a representative, accurate picture of your audiences.

Of course, if you can get more than 380, this will only help improve the accuracy of that picture even more.

If 380 responses sounds like an impossible mountain to climb, it might be worth considering:

  • Would an alternative (or additional) collection methodology help reach more people? We have lots of options available

  • Could you offer an incentive?

  • Are the reasons for data collection being communicated clearly? You may find that people are more willing to complete a survey if they understand how this information will support your work

For more guidance around surveys, have a look at our Knowledge Base articles