Raw Data on downloadable report

It’s poor that you can’t actually download a report of your full survey. It’s hugely time consuming to have to go through the Creative Scotland report that you can download, and then manually combine and report on the rest of the survey using the raw data - which is literally raw.

What would be more useful for an organisation is to be able to download their FULL, survey report for the financial year.

Hi Dawn, thanks for the note on this. You can access a report of your total survey responses that includes all your core and premium questions in what is referred to as a top-line report. You can request this free of charge four times per year. If you would like this now, we can create this for you.

In the Creative Scotland reports section, you can access the full report on the core survey for Scotland, which is the Creative Scotland survey report in Audience Finder Answers. The added premium questions you can add are not officially part of the report and hence why it only shows the core questions. You can also download this report by clicking the ‘email me this as a PDF’ section at the top.

The premium questions are extras that are designated to help you get more from the surveys, but currently, they are not displayed in the same way. In the future, we are looking to do this, however, within Audience Finder Answers.