Recent Key Insights from the Cultural Participation Monitor (April 2022 wave)

In case you missed it: initial findings from the most recent wave of the Audience Agency’s Cultural Participation Monitor are available now, as we continue to explore audience trends through the pandemic.

Explore the findings in detail here: Recent Key Insights | The Audience Agency

Key Points

  1. Overall there is much increased willingness to attend events and optimism about future attendance, though some groups continue to be especially concerned, with disabled people less likely to be willing or able to attend.

  2. Safety measures are rated as less important than they have been previously, but desire for them continues.

  3. Nearly half of people say that they engaged with arts and culture online in some form during the pandemic, weighted towards audiences who are younger, typically high cultural engagers anyway, or disabled.

  4. The cost of living crisis is emerging as a predictable barrier to engagement, and is particularly likely to affect frequency of attendance (more than spend per attendance - though increased prices would act as a further deterrent).

  5. Working from home is still prevalent, preferred and expected to continue in to some degree for most, which is likely a contributor to the widespread intention to attend more locally in future than before the pandemic.

Does this reflect your experiences with your own audiences and visitors? Do let us know by replying to this post.

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