Show some appreciation! Who do you know doing great work out there?

Despite all the challenges the last year or so has thrown at the cultural sector, we know that a huge amount of brilliant work has been going on out there; as organisations find new ways to engage their communities, adapt events and venues, and adopt new ways for teams to work together…the list goes on!

Here are some great Case studies we’ve heard about, but I’m sure there must be plenty more examples out there, big and small.

So if you know of an organisation who’s doing amazing work, feel free to hit reply below and give them a shout out here…


A v belated reply but Kaleider brought a fantastic couple of nights to Gloucester this weekend just gone, with some outdoor VR dance in the middle of the Matson estate: Outdoor VR dance in Matson: a GL4 event – Strike A Light

All the participant places got snapped up, lots of them by first-timers and non-arts-attenders and (anecdotally and from the initial responses on evaluation forms) the experience really connected with people. Plus the pics look great, too: Login • Instagram


Hi Ben, thanks for sharing this looks brilliant.
By the looks of it a great example of taking work to where people are - and it paying off by reaching all those first timers!

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