Taking a question led approach to using data in funding applications

With new funding applications currently on the minds of many arts organisations and the landscape ever more competitive. With the amount of audience and broader organisation data available to utilise within your applications, it can be easy to be overwhelmed quickly, whatever your level of using data.

We have been looking to support organisations to use the audience data they have within the Audience Finder Data Tools to make their best possible case. When looking to use data within funding applications, we would suggest taking a question led approach using four simple steps.

Therefore, taking a question led approach will help you Looking to understand why you need data in the application, what you want to use it, how to collect the relevant data and where to locate it across the Audience Finder Data Tools. An example of this approach is included below;

Once you have detailed your core questions, we have some further tips on useful ways to use the functionality available within the Audience Finder Data Tools data in funding applications in our Knowledge Base. You can also book a 121 session with our team to help explore this topic in more detail.

This content was created as part of the free webinar Using the Audience Finder Data Tools in Funding Strategies delivered by the Audience Agency. A full recording of the session is available as well as the session slides. 2022-02-09T11:00:00Z