TEA Break: Barriers to Attendance - Wed 15 Feb

TEA Break: Barriers to Attendance
Wed 15 Feb, 2-3pm
Free, online event


TEA Breaks are 45-minute online briefing sessions.

The first 30 minutes of each session consists of several, short digests on the latest findings, projects and data-driven evidence that The Audience Agency has been working on. We will then open up the floor, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with others and our team.

Who can join?

This session is open to all.

It may be of particular interest to senior leaders and those who need an overview of sector trends - including senior marketers, programmers, fundraisers - along with anyone interested in current audience data.

Key topic: Barriers to Attendance

If there was one thing that cultural organisations could do to reduce barriers to attendance what would it be? We’ve looked into this: We asked people across the population what would reduce barriers for them. This event shares what they said, in their own words. We’ll look at the things that were most often mentioned, as well as how the key issues varied for different groups.

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Thank you for attending our TEA Break: Barriers to Attendance event last week. We hope that you enjoyed the session and found the discussion useful.

You can find the slides for the session available to download here:
Tea Break Barriers to Attendance.pdf (393.7 KB)

You can find the event recording on our YouTube channel here: TEA Break | Barriers to Attendance - YouTube

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Key Discussion Points:

  • Venues have lost a lot of people experienced in mitigating barriers so are starting from scratch, a lot of investment is needed in the workforce to help with this.
  • Lots of interest in the idea of what ‘reasonable behaviour’ is from audiences, and the research that has been done on this. What some groups may see as reasonable behaviour may be very limiting for others.
  • Possibilities for virtual tours/information about venues beforehand to help with accessibility. Matterport was one software used for tours, as was EyeSpy. Sensory maps and a visual story of the venue were more general options discussed.

Further Resources:

CPM Wave 6 Disabled Audiences and Engagement Post COVID Event Recording: Disabled Audiences and Engagement Post COVID - YouTube

The Reasonable Audience by Kirsty Sedgeman: The Reasonable Audience: Theatre Etiquette, Behaviour Policing, and the Live Performance Experience | SpringerLink

Audiences Behaving Badly – And What We Should Do About It (Dr Kirsty Sedgman’s Theatre & Touring Symposium 2019 Lightning Talk): https://uktheatre.org/who-we-are-what-we-do/uk-theatre-blog/audiences-behaving-badly-and-what-we-should-do-about-it/

On Being Unreasonable by Kirsty Sedgeman: https://www.faber.co.uk/journal/faber-to-publish-kirsty-sedgmans-on-being-unreasonable/

‘Worst party in town’: abusive audiences force UK musicals to tone down ads from The Guardian: ‘Worst party in town’: abusive audiences force UK musicals to tone down ads | Musicals | The Guardian

Cards for inclusion – a new way to play access by Unlimited: Cards for inclusion - a new way to play access - CultureHive

Summary of Responses:
Summary of Responses.pdf (122.4 KB)

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