TEA Break: Finding and Shaping our Evidence Resources

TEA Break: Finding and Shaping our Evidence Resources
Wed 17 May, 2:15pm-3pm
Free, online event


TEA Breaks are 45-minute online briefing sessions.

The first 30 minutes of each session consists of several, short digests on the latest findings, projects and data-driven evidence that The Audience Agency has been working on. We will then open up the floor, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with others and our team.

Who can join?

This session is open to all.

It may be of particular interest to senior leaders and those who need an overview of sector trends - including senior marketers, programmers, fundraisers - along with anyone interested in current audience data.

Key topic: Finding and Shaping our Evidence Resources

In this TEA Break, we take a brief intermission from telling you about individual topics or pieces of analysis, to show you how they all fit together. We’ll introduce you to what our Evidence Team is focusing on and why (and what topics to look out for in future). And most importantly, we’ll talk about how you can use it to support your work.

In particular, we’ll give you an introductory tour of a new home for all our Evidence content, within Audience Answers. We’ll show you where to find the latest headlines, forthcoming or previous events, information about Audience Spectrum and summaries of findings by sector and region/nation.

We’ll also ask your view on what we should look into next, and discuss how you can influence or partner in the Cultural Participation Monitor.

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Thank you for attending our TEA Break: Finding and Shaping Evidence Resources event. We hope that you enjoyed the session and found the discussion useful.

You can find the slides for the session available to download here:
May 23 Tea Break Finding and Shaping Evidence (1).pdf (539.1 KB)

You can find the event recording on our YouTube channel here:
TEA Break | Finding and Shaping our Evidence Resources - YouTube

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