The Working From Home Effect

Hello Wales :wave:

In case you missed it the first time around, I wanted to re-share this particularly interesting piece of research from @OliverMantell about what happens to cultural attendance when roughly one third of the population is working from home.

Whether this helps to explain patterns you’ve already spotted in your 2022 visitor trends, or gives new focus to your audience development plans, I hope you agree it’s worth a quick read.

Read the full article:

Key takeaways:

  • A trend towards increased local attendance and away from greater travel to cultural events holds across most art forms.

  • Nearly 30% of people say that they have discovered new cultural things to do in their local area that they didn’t know about before Covid-19, indicating that awareness about engaging with the arts locally (and therefore likelihood to do so) is very much on the rise.

  • Metroculturals and Experience Seekers are particularly likely to remain working from home long term.

We’re keen to hear from your experiences too, so as ever, comments on this thread are open if you have thoughts to share.