Update for National Portfolio Organisations on 22/23 annual reporting using the Audience Finder Data Tools

Arts Council England (ACE) has confirmed they will be no changes to mandated Audience Finder annual reporting requirements for the 22/23 financial year, the final year of the current funding period.

This includes no changes to the core Audience Finder survey questions, which currently consists of the core survey for England with the Gender and Social Model questions included. To note once again, the Audience Agency’s Digital Audience Survey is not a compatible reporting survey for Arts Council England.

Therefore, all NPOs will again be required to provide a report based on their funding band in 2023, based on the same criteria as 21/22 of a ticketing report and/or an Audience Finder survey report with 380 responses. For complete information based on your funding band for 21/22 and 22/23, and how to produce the report, please explore our Knowledge Base articles below: