We're working on the look and feel of the site


This theme is now live and our default look and feel. Please let us know in the replies below if you encounter any bugs.

We will launch a more refined look and feel for the community quite soon. It has been created by one of the designers on the team that develops the software we use for the community (Discourse) and it is very nice indeed. It is still very new, though, and has a few minor bugs that need ironing out before we make it the main theme.

You can try it now

If you’d like to try out the theme now you can. Here’s how…

Click your profile icon top right and find the preferences option

  • Scroll down and select interace and select Air theme from the dropdown.
  • In the Colour scheme section select air-light for regular mode and air-dark for Dark mode.
  • Scroll down and hit save changes
  • Refresh your browser and the Air theme should be enabled. You can change it back to Default at any time.

All feedback is welcome.

Thanks for the update, it looks good so far.

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