What are the benefits of using the Audience Finder Data Tools in Scotland?

As the cultural industries across Scotland continue to plan a long-term recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Audience Finder Data Tools are an ideal way to help create a data-driven and audience-focused return, regardless of your role within the arts.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should explore our tools further:

  • Our tools – Audience Finder Original, Audience Finder Answers and Audience Finder Show Stats – are suitable for all organisations regardless of artform, size, type or location across Scotland.
  • We have options available for all users, regardless of their existing data sources and your level of experience in using data and putting insight into practice.
  • Over 1000 organisations contribute data to the Audience Finder Data Tools across the UK, over 50 so far in Scotland, or explore tour performance insights using Audience Show Stats. We have the largest service and dataset of its kind in the world specifically for arts organisations to utilise.
  • It is completely free of charge to begin using our tools to access actionable insights. We do have some paid enhancements, but our standard free service is designed to support all organisations to begin collecting data, and see what their own audiences look like compared to those elsewhere in their region or nationally, using our free benchmarking tools.
  • Our Support Team are available five days a week by phone or by email, and deliver 1:1 In Practice sessions, to familiarise users with the tools and offer expert guidance in the context of your individual organisation.
  • Even if you use similar existing tools for ticketing data analysis, or survey data collection, you can enhance this insight by applying our arts segmentation categories, Audience Spectrum, and use our unique benchmarking tools against wider arts audiences and population data.

Explore our resources or drop us a line to get started at support@theaudienceagency.org.