What are the new Audience Spectrum subsegments and where can I find them in the Audience Finder Data Tools?

Audience Spectrum is The Audience Agency’s powerful segmentation tool, which profiles the whole UK population by their attitudes towards culture and their wider lifestyles. You’ll find it in use across the Audience Finder Data Tools, profiling your survey respondents and ticket bookers as well as the general population in your area.

As patterns of engagement and cultural organisations’ needs change, Audience Spectrum is evolving, to, we hope, better support cultural organisations to understand current audiences and inform decisions around future audience development strategies.

In practice, this means you’ll now find each of the 10 Audience Spectrum segments have been further divided into two subsegments, named in the form ‘Segment [Initial] [1/2]’ - e.g. Metroculturals M1 / Metroculturals M2. The characteristics of the top-level segments remain the same as those you may be familiar with, but with further detail provided through sub-segmentation. Meanwhile none of your audience will have moved from their existing segment, rather they have been additionally assigned to a subsegment.

You will also notice that two segments have been re-named to better reflect their key characteristics: Facebook Families will now be known as Frontline Families, Heydays as Supported Communities. All other core segment names will remain unchanged.

We’ve detailed some of the practical implications of these updates below, along with some general information about Audience Spectrum, but please do get in touch if you have questions, feedback or would like to discuss this further.

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