What is a Topline Survey Report?

A Topline Report gives an overview of your survey responses, summarising the data collected into one PDF document, and is best used in conjunction with the raw data csv file. To request a Topline Report, please contact us at surveyteam@theaudienceagency.org. Please note, organisations conducting an Audience Finder survey are entitled to up to four free Topline Reports per year.

The Topline Report will look like your survey with the results displayed as a count and the percentage in brackets next to the answer code. The report will only display results for categorical questions (tick box style questions). If you want to have a closer look at free text responses, such as responses to the question ‘Is there anything else you would like to say about your visit?’, please log in to Audience Finder Answers where you can download a csv file of all of your survey responses, updated on daily basis. Check out our Knowledge Base article on how to access this data.

The Topline Report will display a count and % responses to each categorical question that is included within your survey (including bespoke questions). Using the example below, the question ‘Are you visiting with other people?’ 88% (316 respondents) said Yes and 12% (45 respondents) said No. As this is a single response question we can add the counts together and find that, in total, 361 respondents answered this question.

For open-ended questions, the count indicates the number of respondents that answered the question rather than the result itself. Using the example below, 256 respondents provided an answer to the postcode question and 6 respondents for the country of residence question. You will need to find the relevant column in the raw data csv file to view the list of postcodes and countries given or within Audience Finder Answers the insight ’What do my survey respondents say about my data’ provides this analysis grouped by sentiment analysis.