What is Audience Finder Answers?

We’re building the next generation of data-driven insight tools for the arts & culture sector and we want you with us every step of the way. We’ve listened to your feedback, and now we’re building the next generation audience insight tool as the latest addition to the Audience Finder Data Tools.

Audience Finder Answers is a global BI tool that helps organisations exploit insights to improve their decision making, looking to address user feedback on understanding and implementing data insight. Beginning with the Service for Data Haters research, we have taken a service design approach to re-evaluate how we approach and develop our data tools and services. Updated fortnightly with new developments, including nation-based variations across the UK, the platform provides question led data insights to help organisations overcome challenges in using data. We want to make it easy for you to find the information you need the most and use it effectively to achieve your goals.

Audience Finder Answers is powered by the same data architecture that powers The Audience Agency’s current data platforms, Audience Finder Original and Audience Finder Show Stats. Depending on what data you have you can already:

  • Analyse your ticketing and survey catchment areas.
  • Drill down to see the geographic reach of your bookers at ward and local authority level to a date range of your choice.
  • Set up and access your Digital Audience Survey report and data.
  • Understand the Audience Spectrum, Mosaic UK and Mosaic Scotland profiles of your audiences.
  • Discover what your survey respondents say about your organisation?
  • Compare your audience profiles between two ticketed productions.
  • For funded organisations in England, instantly view and download an Arts Council England compliant audience report.
  • Download your raw and processed survey data in our survey library.
  • Fully categorise your ticketed production data with an artform.

Log into Audience Finder Answers using your existing Audience Finder Original and/or Audience Finder Show Stats credentials and check out our latest insights and new features.

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