What is Audience Finder Original?

Audience Finder Original is the arts and culture sector’s original, national, truly data-driven audience development tool. Our technology, research and expertise empower organisations to easily understand, compare and apply audience insight in order to build resilience and strong, lasting relationships with audiences​. Combined with Audience Finder Show Stats and Audience Finder Answers, Audience Finder Original forms a core part of the Audience Agency’s Audience Finder Data Tools.

Used by over 1000 arts organisations of all types across the UK since 2015, Audience Finder Original is one of the essential resources in every arts organisation’s toolkit. Providing individual context on your data to put your insight into practice, organisations can analyse, benchmark, and report on their ticketing and Audience Finder survey data with ease.

Audience Finder Original includes

  • Ticketing Dashboard: See your bookers in context, regionally and nationally.
  • Survey Dashboard: Understand your audience profiles and motivations using our standard audience survey.
  • Mapping Tool: Explore the distribution of the 10 Audience Spectrum segments across the UK, and identify where your potential audiences are.
  • National Data: Even if you don’t have any data, Audience Finder Original can help you gain insight into audiences by Audience Spectrum segment, artform and nationally.

Create an account and begin collecting, analysing, and exploring national data insights today.

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