What is the free Audience Finder Show Stats offer?

All of the Audience Finder Data Tools are free to use at a basic level, with additional features available at a small charge for those looking to delve even deeper into their data.

The free-of-charge Audience Finder Show Stats offer allows touring arts organisations to access a free annual summary of their audiences across tour venues that are registered with the Audience Finder Data Tools.

You can find a list of venues from across the UK on the Audience Finder Show Stats Homepage.

Your free annual summary includes:

  • Number of tickets issued
  • Average ticket yield per booking
  • Booker postcode analysis by postal district
  • Booker postcode analysis by local authority
  • Booking lead time
  • First-time bookers to venue vs repeat bookers
  • Group size
  • Audience Spectrum breakdown
  • Mosaic UK breakdown
  • Mosaic Scotland breakdown

You can run your annual summary for all productions within a single financial year, regenerating accordingly when new productions are approved. You do not have to activate productions, where a paid cost applies to run annual summaries. To undertake custom grouping of your choice or to activate individual productions is available as an enhanced (paid) service.