What is the free Audience Finder survey offer?

The free-of-charge Audience Finder survey offer allows UK arts organisations of all types the opportunity to use the core survey template for their nation. Core Questions are available for England, Scotland and Wales with organisations in Northern Ireland free to choose any of the above. You can choose one free single survey methodology (collection method), with the option of adding up to five premium questions of your choice from our Premium Questions list in line with your audience development goals.

Once our team has confirmed the details of the survey with you, we will set up it up within 10 working days, allowing you to begin collecting responses from your audiences. Once set up, you can find your survey details, e-survey links and PDF downloads of your live and historical surveys in the Home section of Audience Finder Original. Once you begin collecting data, you can start to monitor and benchmark the core questions through Audience Finder Original and the applicable insights within Audience Finder Answers. You can also access the raw and processed data within the Survey Command Centre section of your Audience Finder Answers dashboard.

Please note: No paid elements are required to complete annual reporting to your UK funder Arts Council England, Creative Scotland and Arts Council of Wales). It is only when you are looking to add additional elements to those mentioned above where any costs are applicable. The following charges apply for additional options to your survey outside of the free Audience Finder survey offer.

Additional Element Description Cost
Additional premium questions Adding premium question(s) to your survey, over and above your free allocation of five, from our premium question list. £100 +VAT per question
Bespoke questions When looking to add completely bespoke questions of your wording to your survey. The data collected from bespoke questions can only be analysed in topline reports, raw data or additional analysis outside of the Audience Finder Original/Answers platforms. £100 +VAT per question
Additional survey methodologies The option to add multiple methodologies for your survey is available to select as you wish. Each methodology classes as a different survey, but the results are combined for each financial year within your dashboards upon completion. £250 +VAT per methodology
Editing live surveys Though not recommended, it is possible to edit your survey’s question and formatting layout after the survey set-up has been confirmed, and the collection has begun. If you require this, please enquire with our Service team to discuss this option further. £150 +VAT per edit
Enhanced dashboard analysis Within Audience Finder Original, enhanced filters are available to further analyse your data within your dashboard by Response Date, Group Composition and Previous Attendance. From £250 +VAT per enhancement
Standalone reporting Additional standalone reporting in a PDF report format based on your audience objectives and ongoing needs, also using benchmarking and analysis not currently available within the Audience Finder Data Tools. From £350 +VAT per report

Before setting up your latest survey, it may be helpful to read our article of useful considerations. To request your new Audience Finder survey, please complete the request form.