What’s new in Audience Finder Answers?: Reporting on your Audience Finder survey in Scotland

With a focus on Scottish users, this edition of what’s new in Audience Finder Answers covers the survey reports section for those running an Audience Finder survey using the Scottish template.

Within Audience Finder Answers, all Scottish users who are running an Audience Finder survey can view and report on their audiences’ postal sector distribution and their demographic and Audience Spectrum profile. You will need to have set up and collected data using the Audience Finder Scottish core survey template for this article to apply. All Scottish organisations are automatically set up with the Scottish questionnaire when they request a survey through the Audience Finder Data Tools.

By selecting the report at the top of the Answers homepage, you can view your full report by either 21/22 and/or 20/21. Once you have entered this page, via the ‘Email me this report as a PDF’ at the top of the report, you can view this report in full outside of the platform.

Once you enter the report within Audience Finder Answers, you will see your survey data at the top of the page if your organisation is not currently contributing ticketing data to the Audience Finder Data Tools, underneath the ticketing data section if you are doing so.

When you have browsed down to the survey section, you will see your survey date period of the report and the ‘Number of Visits’ tab. The figure below has been pre-populated with the annual visits figure provided by your organisation when your survey was set up. If you have more recent/accurate figures available, you can simply type in the revised figure and re-generate the report using the button below.

Below this section, each core question is detailed for analysis of counts and percentage of responses; please note unless you included both disability questions, either the social or medical model will remain blank. The ethnicity question is also viewed as the summarised overview.

Please note, this functionality only consists of the core questions in the Audience Finder survey for Scotland. You can also analyse the core survey questions, aside from the ethnicity and disability questions, plus a number of premium questions in Audience Finder Original. To monitor and analyse the data from your premium and bespoke questions in full, you can do this by requesting a top-line report or by downloading the raw data from the Survey Library section of Audience Finder Answers.

To view more editions of this series to learn more about what’s new in Audience Finder Answers follow the link and look out for future editions in monthly Service Update emails.

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