What’s new in Audience Finder Answers?: what is my reach into areas of deprivation in Wales?

As part of our new content series showcasing Audience Finder Answers, the latest addition to the Audience Finder Data Tools. Released in 2021, we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase our insight specifically for organisations in, or who have audiences located within, Wales, entitled 'what is my reach into areas of deprivation in Wales?'

The Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation is the Welsh Government’s official measure of relative deprivation in Wales. It is split into 10 bands: the 1st represents the 10% of Wales that is most deprived while the 10th represents the 10% that is least deprived. Based on your ticketing data, the insight accesses your organisations’ reach to people living in different areas of deprivation, which covers eight “domains” of income , employment , health , educational attainment , access to services , community safety , physical environment , and housing.

A custom date range filter is available to select specific booking and performance periods; the data sources section at the bottom of the page details your data, including within this period at a production, to help give oversight to organisations reach. You may see different periods of the year showing very different results; for example, how does your Christmas Show data compare to your mid-summer season, where you may expect to see a very different audience through other metrics more widely. Through segmentation, age, ticket income, etc.

Based on your results, below are some ideas to consider how this data could be applied:

  • Health: How is your organisation’s accessibility services? Could you improve your in-house disabled facilities? Do you do any outreach to those with chronic illness/long-term care needs who may not easily be able to attend – i.e. hospices/care homes/sheltered housing etc.? Do you use dyslexia-friendly fonts in your marketing materials and check that colours/contrast will be perceived by those with colour-blindness? Can screen reader technology read your website’s content?
  • Education: What is the reading age of your marketing materials? It may be a barrier to potential bookers with poor educational attainment if it’s too high.
  • Access to Services: How are your website’s page load times for those with slow connections? Are offline methods of booking readily available for those without internet access? Do you make it easy for people to find out how they can travel to your organisation via public transport?
  • Community Safety: Could your organisation get involved in creativity-focussed youth intervention programmes or rehabilitation for offenders?

To view more editions of this series to learn more about what’s new in Audience Finder Answers, follow the link and look out for future editions in monthly Service Update emails.

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