What we’ve learned about classical music audiences post-lockdown

If you work for a classical music organisation, you might be interested in TAA’s recent research into how audiences for this type of work are behaving post-lockdown.

We’ve pulled out some of the headlines below, but for the detail-lovers there’s lots more to get your teeth in to here:
Classical Music Post-Lockdown Audiences | The Audience Agency

Key Findings

There is still a lot of hesitation about attending in person Classical Music performances, among non-core audiences and typically high-engagers alike.
…only 2% increase in ‘happy to attend’ since Feb​
…younger age groups are generally more willing.

  • Some progress is being made in terms of booking and planning ahead, but this is still very limited.

  • A small core of audiences (1/4) say that they strongly miss attending performing arts.

  • Vaccination is an important factor for willingness to return, but doesn’t appear to have moved the dial very far, yet.

Share your own experiences

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