What's new in Audience Finder Answers? All the latest articles from the series here!

Audience Finder Answers is our next-generation insight tool and the latest addition to the Audience Finder Data Tools (do take a moment to explore it if you haven’t recently), and is continually evolving in response to what you’re telling us would help you and your organisation. If you’ve an idea, let us know!

You may also have seen our new content series, What’s new in Audience Finder Answers?, in the Community and via our Service update emails circulated monthly to all users. Keep an eye out in future editions and here’s a quick summary of what’s been happening lately…

  • Production Categorising Updates
    Latest updates to the production categorisation functionality based on your feedback from recent months.
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  • Ticketing Income headlines
    A snapshot of your ticketing income over a given date range in the first of our Headlines insghts
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  • What do my survey respondents say about my organisation?
    Automated sentiment analysis which groups comments into positive, negative, neutral and mixed feedback
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  • Reporting on your survey in Scotland
    Insights for organisations based in Scotland running Audience Finder surveys.
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  • What is my reach into areas of deprivation in Wales
    Allowing welsh organisations, or those with audiences in Wales, to analyse their ticketing data against the Welsh Multiple Index of Deprivation.
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  • The Survey Library
    See a daily-updated total for your survey responses, and download raw responses as csv file.
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  • Analysing audiences at ward and local authority level
    Demonstrate your reach to local authority stakeholders and look for local partnership opportunities
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