What's new in Audience Finder Answers?: Analysing audiences at local authority ward level

To support your use of Audience Finder Answers, as part of the Audience Finder Data Tools we are launching a new regular feature in the Community and through our Service Update emails, to keep you up to the latest developments in the platform. Starting with the insight, 'which local authority wards do my bookers come from?'

Booker Analysis at electoral ward level

Available to all organisations contributing ticketing data to the Audience Finder Data Tools, this new insight available as an insight, shows the distribution of your organisation’s bookers at local authority and ward level. This data can be selected by a custom date range of your choice. The insight shows your bookers benchmarked against households within the electoral ward looking at booker, ticket and revenue data and is ideal for showing what extent you are reaching audiences within your chosen local authority.

How to apply this insight

  • Consider where there may be opportunities for partnerships with local organisations.
  • If your local authority is a key stakeholder, demonstrate your reach accordingly.
  • Analyse your bookers at a granular geographic level to improve the targeting of your upcoming marketing campaigns.

To find out more, if you contribute ticketing data, to the Audience Finder Data Tools, log into your Audience Finder Answers account now.

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