What's new in Audience Finder Answers: Audience Spectrum subsegments

Have you explored the new Audience Spectrum sub-segments yet?

Audience Spectrum has had a bit of a freshen up of late, all with the aim of helping you get to know your audiences in even greater detail. The major change is that your audience data is now further profiled by a new set of sub-segments, in addition to the 10 top-level segments you’ll be familiar with.

For example, Metroculturals are now either M1 (older, established and high spending professionals)) or M2 (younger, mobile and emerging professionals). While both subsegments share the main characteristics of Metroculturals (urban, liberal-minded, prosperous), you’d probably want to adopt rather different strategies to reach M1s than you would M2s.

So where can you find this? Well all you need to do is log in to your Audience Finder Answers dashboard. Here you’ll find your survey and/or ticket data waiting for you, profiled by subsegment and compared with the wider population around you, as well as links to detailed descriptions of each subsegment.

Interested in learning more about applying the updated Audience Spectrum to your work?
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If you’ve any feedback about the new subsegments, we’d be really interested to hear it. Feel free to comment here or send us a message.

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