What's new in Audience Finder Answers: Production Categorisation Updates

One of the first releases as part of Audience Finder Answers was the production categorisation functionality, replacing the quarterly artform coding process and allowing organisations contributing ticketing data instant access to keep their productions up to data with an artform and unlock additional artform functionality across the Audience Finder Data Tools.

Recently, we’ve been speaking to users about the existing functionality and based on your feedback; we have released updated functionality available for all users. New updates consist of three main areas, with additional updates to be added in the coming months based on further testing.

Improved user experience, design, and in platform guidance

Both from the Audience Finder Answers Homepage and when you enter the production categorised functionality, the design, guidance and user experience have been repurposed.

On the Homepage, as you browse down, the functionality is now renamed ‘Categorise your productions’ , and lists the total number of productions which need categorising with an artform; similarly, when you enter the page, additional information linking out to our Knowledge Base for guidance on how to complete the process and getting the most from the updates within the Audience Finder Data Tools.

To see an overview of your productions via a date range of your choice, use the date selection tool in the top toolbar to see a view by your chosen date range. You can also search for specific productions using the advanced search option.

Additional details on your production data

Purely categorising your data based on calendar year, production name and number of productions can be unclear, so we have added additional production information to support this process. This now includes the following information on your productions;

  • Production Name: The full name of the production/event as titled within your ticketing/CRM system.
  • Production Group: The name of your Audience Finder Data Tools Organisation ID or, if you have set up a dashboard split, the name of the performance group the production is included within. A dashboard split must have been set up for this to be applicable.
  • Venue: The venue/event ID or tag assigned the production in your ticketing/CRM system. This is listed how you have labelled this within your ticketing system for all productions.
  • Start Date: The start date/first production date of the production or event.
  • Number of performances: The number of performances included as part of the production.
  • Artform Category: The column in which to select and assign, or amend, an Audience Finder Artform to your production. Allowing you to assign a production based on the artform of the production/event or exclude it from analysis within your dashboards completely. (including for annual reporting)

Ability to edit the artforms of productions that have been previously categorised

In addition to being able to categorise new productions, a popular request to our support desk is to review and change any historical data already categorised within Audience Finder Answers.

Within Audience Finder Answers, you can now see your complete production data from previous years split into three sections. Categorised productions highlighted in green, Uncategorised productions that are yet to be assigned an artform and All productions, allowing you to make amendments as you require. As you enter the page, the layout will default to all productions.

You will see any changes of artform type the same day within Audience Finder Answers and after the weekend within Audience Finder Original.