What's New in Audience Finder Answers?: Ticketing Income Headlines

To unveil in this edition of what’s new in Audience Finder Answers, our exciting new feature in Audience Finder Answers entitled ‘Headlines’.

Kicking off the first in a series of Headlines metrics is ticketing income, which gives users a snapshot of their ticketing income over a given date range, compared with a previous date range period. Additionally, this is compared to the average income of all UK ticketing organisations over the same given date range, meaning you can immediately see income trends at your organisation and across the UK.


You may be thinking…but I can already see income data on Audience Finder Original, what’s the big deal? With the feature’s date picker, you can look at any time period (from 2017 onwards) to answer any questions such as how does my ticketing income for Christmas 2021 compare to the same period pre covid and is this in line with UK trends?

Find the new feature on Audience Finder Answers dashboard Homepage below the Reports section.

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