What's new in Audience Finder Answers: What do my survey respondents say about my organisation insight?

In our latest instalment of our series exploring Audience Finder Answers, the newest edition to the Audience Finder Data Tools, we explore the insight, ‘What do survey respondents say about my organisation?’ The most effective way to discover insight from the open-ended core question in your Audience Finder survey, this insight groups your responses into Positive, Mixed, Neutral , and Negative feedback using sentiment analysis.

This insight allows you to analyse all open-ended text responses from the core survey question of 'Is there anything else you would like to say about your visit’. You access all responses from all your Audience Finder surveys from 19/20 onwards and select which survey to analyse via the survey drop-down menu in the top left-hand side if you have run multiple surveys since 19/20.

Once you have selected the survey you which to view, you will see all open text responses split into Positive, Mixed, Neutral , and Negative categories using Sentiment Analysis.

Sentiment Analysis is a form of data processing that tries to identify whether there are positive, negative or neutral words and phrases within some text. We have to use the sentiment analysis tool “Amazon Comprehend” to summarise the overall sentiment of the open text responses in creating this insight.

You can also view the categorised responses by response data and date of visit, enabling you to correlate the experiences with what you know was happening at your organisation on that day. For example, if you wish to monitor the feedback from this day and or give positive praise to staff that were on duty that day.

You may notice that occasionally, responses involving language from regional English accents fall into the wrong category due to Comprehend being based on the American English language. User feedback we are using to improve the insight.

In addition to this insight, you can download all open text responses in an excel format as a raw data download from the Survey Library section of Audience Finder Answers for further analysis.

To view more editions of this series to learn more about what’s new in Audience Finder Answers, follow the link and look out for future editions in monthly Service Update emails.

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