Which survey questions are available on the Audience Finder Original dashboard?

The Audience Finder survey consists of a set of core questions, which are compulsory for all participating organisations. These allow for benchmarking and comparison, as well as ensuring the the survey is collecting the data required by national funding bodies.

Alongside these core questions, you can add optional questions to your survey to explore other areas of interest (these are known as premium questions).

Once you’ve begun collecting survey responses, both the core survey questions and many premium questions can be analysed via your Audience Finder Original dashboard. The articles below explain where you can find these questions:

If you would prefer to see the list of available and unavailable questions as a reference document including screenshots of the data visualisations, you can download the full list as a pdf here:

Available survey questions in Audience Finder Original.pdf (7.3 MB)

You can also access the full set of responses to your survey as a csv file in Audience Finder Answers.