Which survey questions are not available on the Audience Finder Original dashboard?

The Audience Finder survey consists of a set of core questions, which are compulsory for all participating organisations, alongside any optional (‘premium’) questions you’ve chosen to add.

The following questions are not available within the Audience Finder Original dashboard. However you’ll find the responses in your raw survey data, which you can download as a csv file from the survey library in Audience Finder Answers.

  • All open text box questions and follow on ‘other’ open text box questions
  • AV7 – Event participation
  • CA11 - Arts/heritage events attendance within the last three years
  • CA12 - Arts/heritage events attendance within the 12 months (this is temporarily not available and will be available soon)
  • CA13/CA14 – Non attendance
  • CA15/CA16 & CA17 – Reasons for non-attendance
  • CA2/CA3 – Cluster crossover
  • CA6 – Arts/cultural participation within the last three years
  • CA9/CA10 – Cultural visits elsewhere
  • COV1-COV20 – Covid question theme
  • EI1 – Reason for local area visit
  • EI2 – Overnight stay
  • EI4 – Types of accommodation/Number of nights
  • FA9 - Family ratings – improvements
  • FG2 – Fundraising – current support
  • GC1 – Communication channels seen
  • JB1- Julie’s Bicycle version of travel mode question
  • JB2 – Julie’s Bicycle version of travel distance question
  • MB2 – Reasons for joining membership
  • OP11 – General feedback (please note you can view this metric on Audience Finder Answers)
  • OP13 – Top 3 words to describe experience
  • PR5 – Sexuality
  • PR6 - Scottish Gaelic language
  • PR7 - Welsh language
  • SA4 – Purchase of contemporary art
  • TR3 – Travel from home