Who are you favourite social media accounts?

So many organisations and individuals out there are doing social media brilliantly, posting interesting, useful, beautiful, or just plain entertaining content.

Who are you enjoying at the moment? Share your favourite follows here…

My starter for 10 would be:

@OrkneyLibrary on Twitter are a joy – their feed is full of glimpses into life at the (almost) top of the UK. They also share the adventures of their mobile library which is named, gloriously, BookyMcBookface.

@HashtagHeyAlexa on Twitter is a social media manager posting brilliant little tips on how to make your content more accessible.

And over on Instagram, I always enjoy @victoriabaths posts – a stunning slice of Victorian heritage in Manchester which is being slowly restored to its former glory. If you haven’t been in person, you’ll almost certainly recognise the place – it’s been used a filming location for TV shows like Peaky Blinders, Life on Mars, Prime Suspect etc…